Hearing Aids

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9735 Main Street, Clarence, NY, 14031

Welcome to the Hearing Aid Office

Welcome to Farinos Hear Now - Hear Well! Hearing Aid Center

Farinos Hear Now-Hear Well ! Hearing Aid Center in Clarence was established in 2010, By  Steven Biondi, As Hear Now! Hearing Aid Center.  In april 2013 Frank Farino,NYS Hearing Instrument Specialist, brought his  30+ years experience designing and fitting hearing aids,  at Farino Opticians & Hearing Aids in No. Tonawanda, to clarence.  He began his career back in the day when he would order the parts, build the shells and fit them as best he could. I have seen many technology changes over the years. It’s truly amazing how we can help so many more people than ever before. Our new Products and fitting techniques have drastically changed that negative stigma about Hearing aids into a very rewarding experience and positive solution. At Farinos  Hear Now-Hear Well!  We take the casual and relaxed approach to fitting hearing aids. No high sales pressure. It took a life time to acquire the loss for whatever the reason. We will be patient and gradually acclimate our customers to the sounds of life that they have missed for years. That’s our walk before you can run strategy. Each customer will participate in our weekly follow up program. We improve their hearing perameters gradually over time and teach our customers how to properly use their Hearing Instruments for life long success. You will be pampered at Farinos  Hear Now- Hear Well ! You will not get the old "pay and be on your way" business strategy’s practiced by many. At Farinos Hear Now - Hear Well! you always have our attention and we are always Listening. So if you or someone you know is ready to begin hearing life again, Please call us at Farinos Hear Now-Hear Now! Hearing Aid Center and start your journey back to "Better Hearing".